more benefits/last shows

Two things – The last 3 Nails show will be in Elizabethtown on January 8th, and will be an Adele Collins Benefit. I’m listing the info in the shows section even though it’s not a Louisville show, almost every band playing is from Louisville, it’s benefiting a Louisville kid, and it’s only 45 minutes away. So go to it.
Another show (tonight actually) is going to be a partial benefit for SuffocatexFaster’s vocalist Chris Alsip (from cincy), who was in a fight last week when a bouncer got into the middle of it at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, and instead of breaking it up, he stabbed Chris and gave a second kid a huge gash around his eye. The bouncer is a football player at UC, and all charges against him have been dropped, and he is keeping his job, while charges remain for Chris and the other guy who got stabbed. So… The show tonight is:
Dead To Fall, Leave It At The Door, Dead in The Wake, MOIRAI @ The Keswick Democratic Club – 6 bucks, 6pm, Nov. 22nd.