Black Cross and Brick House news

Black Cross will be reappearing on April 15th, 2005 at the newly opened Brick House. They haven’t played out since their free voter registration show @ Keswick w/ Second Story Man and Ayin in August 2004, so make sure to come by and catch them. And the Brick House hasn’t officially had open doors since August of 2002… so check out the restaffed/revamped center. Also appearing are Lords, Gaj Mustafa Cell, Ganthet (maybe), Ultra Pulverize, and One Small Step.

This is the first part of a 3 day extravaganza for the Brick House, check their site or the message board for more info..
In other news, is going to be switching servers in the near future from’s servers in Boston to Matt Goth-Olsen’s server (which hosts Angryblue as well as Louisville showcase. When the site is switched, expect the History to grow fatter w/ mp3s in the older band bios (culled from the mp3 of the month section), videos of old and current bands, and much more. Go visit showcase and/or shake Matt’s hand/genitals (don’t tell Ashley though).