FFD/Glasspack/Dirty Bird news

Last friday, many learned that Sean Garrison and The Five Finger Discount aren’t very fond of rude Frenchmen. Or French women that throw bread at them. So beware if you have french blood and a tendency to start trouble. Sean just might stomp a hole in your ass. Their new CD is now out as a split release between Sever’s Louisville Lip label and Ear X-Tacy records. Comes in some trippy Stan Doll packaging.

In other “news”, this comes from Dirty Dave of the glasspack:
“You can now find the new Dirty Bird Record at
Stonerrock.com’s “All That’s Heavy Store” on sale for $10.99. Features artwork & music from members
of the Glasspack, Shitluck Clothing, Metal Bikes, Monster Magnet, The Hookers, & Buried at Sea.
Enjoy…We’ll keep you posted on what sites and
distributors are going to carry the release.
The Glasspack now ‘officially’ uses Fender Music equipment. Dirty struck a deal with Fender and scored a new Tele!