Brycc House coming attractions

From Mr. Miller, here’s a list of upcoming events at the new Brick House…. If you like sex and/or zombies, read on…

SATURDAY JUNE 18TH: Mountaintop Removal Awareness Education night with information, movies, music, words, and food from 5 PM until 10 PM.
SATURDAY JUNE 18TH: Affordable art sale from 5 PM until 10 PM with food and entertainment (yes, same time and day as the previous event!). Sale will run through the following week during our regular opening hours.
MONDAY JUNE 20TH: On this day we will have our first free “Dinner and a Movie” event at 6 PM. The movie will be the original Dawn of the Dead.
FRIDAY JUNE 24TH: Let’s talk about sex! On this day we’ll have free workshops and HIV testing starting at 3 PM. We’ll have an open mic at 8 PM and a “Grotesque Burlesque” show at 10 PM. Admission will be $5 after 7 PM.