LHXC.com updates

*This month’s MP3 selection is now available… Flip Doubt’s Hit The Road cassette. Members have gone on to play in The Slow Suicide, Lords, and Carolina.
*Louisville Hardcore t-shirts are unfortunantly still available. Most people who reserved one didn’t buy one, so help keep the site afloat. $10ppd, or get one up at Ear X-Tacy later this week when I take some up there.
*The 12 unreleased Kinghorse demo songs from their reformation period are up on the Kinghorse page now.
*I haven’t bothered making a page for it yet, but i’ve been scanning the hell out of old zines and making them into multi-page .pdf files… Due to bandwidth/storage space concerns, I can’t keep many up at once, but I’ve put one up at http://www.louisvillehardcore.com/zines/ ….
*If you haven’t noticed, I changed up the navigation at the top of the page… no more drop downs and less clutter. There are two new sections… Graffiti and Tattoos. I have a feeling that the tattoo section won’t be there long, but feel free to email any photos for either section to me at admin[a]louisvillehardcore.com
*My Louisville record list has been greatly updated thanks to Jamie Miller and Perry and Jennifer Cox… if you have anything to trade, let me know… And let me know if you have old zines, old records/tapes/demos, scene reports from old zines, flyers, or whatever that I can borrow and scan, have, or even buy off you… http://www.louisvillehardcore.com/recordlist.html