Babies and halloween rebirths

Did you like Bodyhammer? What about Four Rose Society, City Of Ghosts, Blue Collar Revenge Theory, or xInvictusx? Or how about Kinghorse, Malignant Growth, or Fading Out? Well, you’ll never get to see those bands again, but at two different shows tonight, it’s rumored that those band’s former members will be playing old songs with their current bands. Arch, performing as Biz-Arch (as in Bizzaro Arch. It’s like Bizzaro Superman but not stupid.), will be playing select songs from their old bands as will Teen Pregnancy!. The almighty TP! is playing at Keswick and Biz-Arch will be at the Portland Arts center. Hit the shows page for the full details. Or hit the message board for directions and whatnot. Are you stoked? If not, go listen to some of that new Victory records new school hair metal.. er.. uh…. yeah.
Haha to “Scooter” Libby for getting indicted. That shady fuck. Maybe Rove is next. Or even Grand Moff Cheney. Too bad the democrats are swindling fucks too.
Oh, and Jon Cook just had a baby. Yeah, that Jon Cook.

photo by Jamie Miller