.Chocolate Octopus.

The rodeo shows page has finally been updated. Sorry asskids, I haven’t had any time at all to mess with the site. Thanks TONS to all the people who donated money and/or bought stuff over the past two weeks. The garbage site know has 21 gigs of sandwich bandwidth per month and 1500MB of storage. In the next 2 weeks, I’ll be filling up tons of that space with scanned zines, mp13s, and other junk. I’ll probably redo the nudenavigation again too.
Wolverine Brass will be playing their first show soon. When? Check the shows page.
The Ghostbusters and Two Minutes Lost are both playing reunion-type shows. When? Check the shows page.
The Rachels are playing their first performance in quite a while (that I know of). When? Check the shows page.
By The Grace Of God is playing a reunion show. When? A fuckin’ year ago dork.
There are 700 monkey-lovin’ Halloween shows. Why? Really, that’s stupid. why not have one bigass one? Does this shit really make sense to anyone?