New Mp3s and reunion shows

If you havne’t heard, Kodan Armada will be playing a reunion/last show on December 3rd, 2005. Also playing is Breather Resist, Camps, Seven Days Of Samsara, and Wrong Day To Quit. You know you want to come and do a backflip off a speaker into the crowd.
As for backflips, maybe these new mp3s will inspire you to do so in your bedroom. Or maybe you can do this newfangled bedroom mosh thing that all the kids are talking about. You know.. practice your douchey dance moves or something.

Camps –> (Camping-flavored charles bronson inspired HC)
The Coathangers! –> (Abortion-rific punk rock. ex The Sickies, Wholigans, and Mr. Case)
Arafel –> (oddly sung death metal from ex-Cast From Sweden, Harbinger, and Canopic dudes)
Anagnorisis –> (balls out death metal that will curdle your genitals before stabbing them with a trident. Austin from Desultory’s other band)