The Glasspack goes 360…

Attention Soldiers,
the Xbox 360 came out today, and with a bunch of
the Glasspack music & Small Stone Recordings
floating around on it. Where? Why it’s on the
snowboarding game “Amped 3!” Matthew Seymour, the
games Senior Producer, even talks about how
excited he is with the indie music in the game
right here,
. the Glasspack has scored 3 tracks in this game,
“the Glasspack Song,” “Bridgeburner,” &
“Hydroplane.” So go find ya one! Other Small
Stone bands included are Puny Human, Greenleaf, &
Tummler. the Glasspack would like to thank
Rumblefish Liscensing for its hard work with the
Pack! And you can still find the Pack’s music in
copies of Monster Garage video game & ESPN YK5
Pro-Baseball video game.
In other Glasspack news, the guys are currently
underway writing the second half of their next
album for Small Stone Recordings, untitled as of
yet. It will be available sometime in the second
half of 2006. Anyone seeing the Pack lately, you
should have noticed a few new songs. Anyway,
Happy Holidays from the Glasspack, we love you.
the Glasspack Administration