Local News

1) CP from Redhanded is now enganged. Congratulations.
2) Justin Gorditas from Teen Pregnancy is also enganged to Alyson who you might remember from helping run the 540 Club.
3) Yeah, apparently Breather Resist is still together, but without Stever.
4) Yeah, you probably deserve to have your mouth washed out w/ soap.
5) Ryan P. is working on getting AVAIL back here in the spring again. Let’s hope that they start coming back every year like they used to.
6) The Nixon CD is actually off at the pressing plant and should be coming out relatively soon. Which is to say, it’ll be out before the cows come home.
7) Swimming in the Ohio right now … not a good idea. Not that it would ever be.
8) More Louisville Hardcore babies might be on the way. We’re going to need a Punk Babysitters Club soon.