Last Saturday shows/New band

Ryan and Evan, through their Auxiliary label, are booking shows at Keswick Democratic (1127 Logan St.) on the last Saturday of the month. Starting this month and lasting at least through June, the last Saturday series will provide everyone something to do with good local and out of town bands, complete with screen printed tickets (avail at Ear X-Tacy) and screen printed posters (which you could probably buy from the boys). First show up sees the return of BLACK CROSS (first show since May 05), IN TONGUES, WOLVERINE BRASS, PIGLET (from Chicago), US LIONS.

In other news, there is a new band forming with ex-members of Ganthet, Panda, Sinking Ships, Stay Gold and more (B Volz, Micah, Alex, Matt, Eagle). It doesn’t sound like any of those bands, but you know… whatever. Think of an even more rock and roll Suicide File or something. We’ll probably be ready to play shows in a few months (or less.. practice has been good).