Aaron & Bodies

Apparently, Aaron Orgasm is no longer playing drums for Bodies, and they are probably looking for a drummer. When asked if I could write on the front page that he “….quit bodies because they weren’t getting nearly half the record deal that Equal And Ultra got with Victory…”, Aaron just replied “Uhhhh, yeah sure, i guess. Do what you must.”
from the band:
“Bodies regrettfully has to announce that due to circumstances out of our control our tour around the region had to be cancelled. we feel like shit for booking these show and then ditching out on them. we should have a full time drummer in the next few weeks and plan on our next show being in elwood , indiana on may 12th .we will be raging in BEASTVAN in support of our new EP ” Hurricane Bodies!”
we do have two tours lined up, one of which will hit iowa, minnesota, illinois and northern indiana in late may and one through indiana, michigan, and illinois in july with our buds in this endeavor from northern indiana. we will have info on that posted soon.
in the meantime, check out our webstore at http://www.engineerrecordsusa.com