More Halloween shows

Besides the Ants/Straight Laced/Revanants/Samhain/Coathangers show, there’s more going on around Halloween….
The 27th will see cover bands doing Television and the Talking Heads. I know there’s more, but someone will have to pass that information to me as I don’t have it. the show will be at Nelligan Hall around Portland…
On the 28th, we have Keswick hosting a show with coversets pretending to be Nirvana, Sun 0))), and Shellac…. If you want to pray and fight there’s 36 Crazyfists, Bloodlined Calligraphy, Catherine, Tonight we fight at the FC Community center….
The 29th sees A Fourth Grade Love Affair, Poolside At The Flamingo, Blind Truth, Arafel, and the Bonzolettes drop like a bomb on OLCH….
And… click below for info on Dirty Dave’s party/show…

Yes, once again, I am having the annual Halloween
Costume Rock’N’Roll Bash. Please email me for
more info or call my cell 502-210-3447
the Glasspack record is scheduled for release
Jan/Feb 2007. Stonecutters have in the last couple weeks
released a new cd. Please help us with the show.
the Glasspack is leaving it’s merchandise at home
in hopes of helping these two bands sell some new
stuff. Peace,
Dirty’s Halloween Party
Uncle Pleasants
10 PM/21&OVER/$6 w/costume
Sat. Oct. 28
the Glasspack