First Scene Report of 2008

Redhanded and Jack A Dull Boy have combined into a 7-man colossus called Brother Doubt. Yeah, named for the Kinghorse song. They played their first show at Crazy Feast! 07 a few weeks back. They will be recording w/ Syd Bishop soon, so keep your ears open.
And taking them on in the big band department is another Duncan Cherry band, alternatively known as ??? or Super Stoker. They played their first a few weeks back and will be crushing with a dual vocalist attack.
I could probably do an entire report just about Duncan…. he’s in another new band with Ella Lumpkins called Idle Heroes who will be playing their first show at Skull Mountain this coming weekend. His other other band, Head Above Water, just replaced drummer Matt “Party Man” O’Connel with art historian Cullen Clark, who plays too fast for old creaky man Eagle Barber. AND… Nice People is recording for a new demo and a 7″, when they aren’t busy parodying the Endpoint “My Friends Suck” t-shirts.
Jamie Prott’s new all-ages venue will hopefully be opening in the next couple of months. Named Skull Alley, it will live on in the memory of Dylan Prott. It will also be the new home of Alley Kat Screenprinting (who I recommend for vegan inks and union-made shirts). Expect an explosion of new bands and exciting new goings on when his landlord finishes the building upgrades.
Coliseum is finally back from Europe. Welcome back boys.

Nick Thieneman likes to hold up the crowd at Young Widows shows. For like… an hour.
Daisy’s (Ayin) new band Foxy Shazam will have a new record coming out of Ferret soon. Hit up the shows section of the message board for information on their CD release show in Cincy. They seem to be doing pretty well out there on the road.
Joke’s on you all. This site wasn’t really sold to anyone, it was just for laughs. Mission accomplished!
The Revenants, Blade Of The Ripper, and Lords all put out a limited Christmas CD at a show a few weeks back. Each band had a specially-recorded Christmas song on the CD. You probably missed out on it. I know I did. The Lords song was called “I saw Jesus Fucking Santa Claus” or something along those lines. You can probably hear the songs on the band’s myspaces.
I believe that Lords is gearing up for a new record to be out soon. They played a show at Cahoot’s last month where they played the new record front to back. Keep your eye out.
As of 12:00AM Jan. 1st, 2008, Ryan Gore has assumed the title of “King Of Hardcore“, supplanting Mike Giralico. Early reports suggest that the ever-growing Giralico clan is planning a coup.
The Olympia Three have a record out that isn’t old, and they’re working on stuff for another new record, with Syd Bishop manning the recording helm. Syd’s band, Lee Van Cleef, recorded a record a while back. They just finished mixing and everything, and that should be coming out in the not too distant future. Sounds pretty cool. Hopefully, it will be entitled “The Gentleman’s Punch” after Kurt Ehnle.
Vrktm broked up. I don’t know if any of those gents are working on new bands. You can check Dave Bird fronting an Out. “reunion” of sorts for the Noise Pollution 10 year anniversary soon. “Stage” dives from Cahoot’s pool tables will be happening.
If anyone gets bored, TONS of old Louisville show videos have made it up to YouTube the past week… Fading Out, Sunspring, Endpoint, Crain, Kinghorse, By The Grace Of God, and more.
“Scene” reports come across as a big bunch of name-dropping nonsense, don’t they?