March 2010 scene report

Here’s the original, uncut/unedited version of the scene report that ended up in Please & Thank You zine #1 that was released on Saturday, March 6th. Eric is out of town this weekend with most of the zines, but I’m sure Mike Stewart still has some if you want to pick one up. Keep in mind that this was written for a zine that came out the first weekend of March 2010.

The Endpoint Reunion is getting closer. The date has been set for May 15th, 2010 and it’ll be at Headliner’s on Lexington Rd. The capacity is 800, and this show will definitely sell out. Also playing are Cerebellum (which will be playing Heater-era Crain songs as well), Face Value (Cleveland HxC), and Interstates (Kyle Noltemeyer from Guilt and several other bands). For those that weren’t around in the 90s (hell, I didn’t see EP either), these bands (sans Interstates) were active throughout the late 80s and into the early 90s. That’s a bit of a generalization especially with Cerebellum (who sort of reformed as Crain around 1987/88, hence why they’re playing Crain songs, and I’d kill for the stuff from the Crain/Deathwatch 7” – Deathwatch was the pre-Endpoint band). Anyway, when you guys hear old farts talking about the “good ‘ol days” when shows were absolutely flooded with kids – that was the Endpoint era. Very very few bands have ever been able to pull anything like Endpoint could pull to a show in their heyday. You will see all kinds of moms and dads losing their shit at this show. But don’t ignore it because of that, it should be a catalyst for the younger crews in town to push ahead even harder and try to overcome all the obstacles that are in modern band’s paths.

Bush League/Maurice reunions – Not only are the above bands reuniting, but it looks like Bush League and Maurice may be doing a reunion show this summer as well. Details have not yet been worked out. Sean Garrison announced the possibility in late January/early February via a Facebook post (really, don’t make me go look it up). Maurice will be selling t-shirts via Ear X-Tacy in the coming weeks to help raise money to bring David Pajo back to town to play in this event. This show when/if it happens will be a benefit for Jason Noble just as the Endpoint show will be. That guy has some incredible friends.

The Dead Nuns crew/kids/whateverthefuck are – they’re apparently looking to rent out an old church near Skull Alley. They’re proposing turning it into show space as well as an art/activity center. I haven’t heard this, but I’ll start a rumor right here that they’re totally going to have wrestling there. Hopefully mud and/or butter will not be involved. I’ll let Eric amend this if he gets a chance, because I obviously have no idea what the shit I’m saying. FARTWORDSFART.

Coliseum has a new record that is in the process of getting artwork and mastering work done. This new record features a TON of guest appearances and should be pretty fun from that perspective. Think of it like a game trying to pick out who is who and who is doing what, right? After hearing a few songs in January, I’m sure the record is going to rip. The band has decided to release the CD version on Temp Residence. Ryan sent out a mailing list entry the other day talking about the release, and I don’t remember seeing anything about vinyl plans, but I’m sure it’ll happen at some point. Oh, and those lucky motherfrakkers are going on another European tour to support this record (as well as a US tour). I’m just jealous.

Chris Owens and penises. And farts. That’s the old news.

Lee Van Cleef, Alcohawk, and Mountain Asleep have all been working out some new jams at Studio K with Trip Barringer. If you drive by the building and see huge bushes sticking out of the windows, don’t worry, it’s just a massive beard overflow. Do not be alarmed. For those interested, Trip is booking dates right now for future recordings. He asks for no payment, but you must be respectful and agree to him (very reasonable) terms. He has done recent work on last year’s Metroschifter CD, the Brother Doubt CD, Straight A’s 7” and upcoming releases, and much more. Good dude, good beard, good deal.

Trip has been recording live sets from the First Saturday show series. The plan is to compile tracks (and heckles) from the first 6 shows and put out a “halfway point” CD as well as a second disc of the second half of the year. Duncan Cherry has floated me a couple of the tracks from Coliseum’s January set, and they sound great, and the in-between song banter is gold.

The Xerxes 7” entitled Twins should be out soon. I’m pretty sure that Will Allard (bass in Xerxes) recorded and mixed it. There was a video trailer for the record that came out in January that mentioned the date “March 2010”, but nothing more specific. And you know, I could ask someone but just come to the show on April 2nd at Skull Alley and pick one up.

Speaking of pick it up pick it up, keep on the lookout for The Action Pack, one of the newly emerging bands from the House Of Wax family. Those dudes seem to have their hands in several things, and Mike is doing solo stuff as well. Mike and Nick are both also in Houses In Motion, a more alt-country type band while The Action Pack is kind of 3rd/4th-wave ska. TAP doesn’t care about your posturing, they just want you to have fun and loose your scheisse. Just make sure to clean it up since they play in their basement a fair amount.

For those of you that caught Chime Hours during 2009 and were dismayed when they stopped playing – take heart. Noise Pollution will be compiling their recordings (also done w/ Trip) and releasing a CD in the spring. A new band has been formed with Thommy, Sean, and Keith. Expect them to make a debut hopefully in the next few months.

Brett Ralph (I don’t need to denote a band here, just know he’s thumbs up) and his Kentucky Chrome Revue will be releasing a new disc on the 5th. It’s a free show, CDs are $10, but it’s 21+ only and at the Nachbar in Germantown. Sorry youngungs. Featured on the disc are mother of Louisville punk and kinda the mother of alt-country Catherine Irwin, Will Oldham, Peter Searcy, among many more.

The Revenants are currently in the studio as well preparing for a Fall 2010 EP release. More info up at Louisville Hardcore as it becomes available. Gabrielle was posting that they were laying down some “serious” synth tracks on March 1st, so I’d expect the keyboards to be pretty dominant in the new songs.

The New Mexico and Brother Doubt will both be performing their last shows on April 2nd at Skull Alley. Expect the New Mexico guys to go on to different projects. I hear Sam is pretty focused on fast, fast, fast stuff. Get into it. Word on the street is several of the others are interested in Cursed-ish stuff. Brother Doubt just has too much on their plate to stay productive right now. Pretty much everyone in BD is looking to do something else at some point, with Mike desperately looking for an open bass position. Take that phrase as you will. I want to do stuff along the lines of Asschapel in a few months, so hollaatchaboy. That’s what the kids say, right?

Skull Alley is looking to expand a little bit. Jamie’s purchased a coffee machine and is looking to buy a new fridge for the concessions area. Eventually he’s looking to expand the bar several more feet down towards the front door. He’s also keeping an eye out for more arcade machines to eat yo’ mamma’s quarters. For the older folks, he has a revolving door of beer specials to check out. PBR is not the end all/be all of beer, by the way.

This is kind of old news, but there are currently two different teams canvassing Louisville filming documentaries about Louisville music with a focus on punk/hardcore. Hopefully they’ll be coming out before I need a cane to walk.

There are three bands making their debut appearances in this (hopefully) warmer, beautiful month of March. First up is Wise Blood on the 6th at Skull Alley (First Saturday show), second is Open Fields (yeah, named for the Enkindel song/heckle) on the 12th, and the third is Old Vikings on the 20th. Wise Blood is one of Duncan Cherry’s 14,000,201 bands, not to slight Danny O’Connell (Evil Grimace/Camps) or Alan Crenshaw (Python). They describe themselves as “emo/punk jams” whatever the fuckshitbannafart that is. Oh, did I mention Duncan? He’s also in Open Fields, which stars the man, the myth, the legend, the sensation Trevor Cole Brock (Kodan Armada, Nachbar), Peter Edge (Suffocate Faster, Black Cloud, Chelsea FC til death), Joey Hodson (Sleep Well Apparatus for you 2002 show goers), and Brendan (formerly of Rafflemouth). They’re guilty of being tight, and keep an eye out for Alohawk beer koozies at that show. Last up is Old Vikings, featuring Gary (Brother Doubt/Casket & Flower), Adam Colvin (who should need no Sancred introduction), Steve (Scully + The Crossbones), Lee (Invictus), and Jason (Sunspring?) playing heavy ass music that would fit in with Bolt Thrower. Actually, it might make Bolt Thrower cry pure liquid asphalt. It’d kinda go ok with milk, cookies, and the newer Hope Conspiracy stuff as well. Just remember: Den of the Frost Wench.

And motherfuckers try to say “whhhaaahhh, the Louisville scene is like totally dying man”. Fuck what you heard.

There is a TON of other things going on around town. I know that some things got missed. If you’re pissed about that, suck it up and let this zine or Louisville know about your band. If your project wasn’t mentioned, it’s solely due to lack of space and time, do not perceive it otherwise.

Here’s the page that was printed in the zine (not too different, it was edited down for space and excess BS though)