Local Hardcore Demos and Splits

If you aren’t on Facebook – or aren’t e-friends with the “right” people, you may have missed these downloads. The kids are spreading them around like wildfire, so I’m posting up here to let the old folks and the non-FB pals check out the bands to. If you’re into any of this stuff, come down to a show these bands are playing and pick up the real deal (even if it’s a CD-R). None of these bands are selling their wares for a crazy expensive price – you can most likely afford $3-$5. Some of these songs are out on cassettes or CDs, some are going to be released on vinyl with more songs. I may have posted some of this stuff before here, but not all of it.

New Skinwalkers recordings

1 Written Off song from the forthcoming Louisville Hardcore tape comp from Living Touch Records

Written Off – Louisville Straight Edge demo (Living Touch)

1 Another Mistake song from the same comp as above

Another Mistake – Life’s Noose (Living Touch Records)

The New Mexico / Evil Grimace split

Mustangs, Evil Grimace and much more (think I posted this before)

2 songs from Xerxes‘ upcoming 7″ Homeward Carries No Direction

Overrule 2010 demo (Living Touch Records)

Lay Down & Die demo

Damaged Goods 2010 demo (Living Touch Records)

If I missed any bands that wanted to be in this post, sorry but I didn’t know about your stuff. Hit me up and I’ll add you in next time.