New Ear X-Tacy hardcore/punk records

Ear X-Tacy is working on doing a more focused job of carrying records that you guys may be into. Here’s a partial list of some of the releases they’ve just received in the past few days. Stop by to check out more!

New shipment from Revelation Records just arrived! Lemuria 7″s, Converge LPs, Memphis May Fire CD, V/A – Past Present LP, Have Heart LP, Integrity Colored 7″, Stay Ahead of the Weather 7″, Movielife LP, Youth Crew 010 7″, F*ucked Up 7″, Narrows 7″, Rival Mob 7″, Skeletonwitch 7″, Disfear 7″, Vervain 7″, Harms Way LP, + many more! Also — next week the OFF! First 4 EPs Box Set (7″ Only) comes out next week. Call to pre-order yours today! (502) 452-1799

I was up there last night and grabbed the (apparent) last copy of Shedding‘s new 12″ entitled Tear In The Sun, out on Hometapes, but there should be more for your listening pleasure soon. Also, Integrity‘s We Are The End 7″ on Magic Bullet and the Slint 33 1/3 book. The Web Fruit Bat Republic CD is for sale for $1.99 as is the Sean Garrison & The Five Finger Discount Against All Flags CD on Ear X/Louisville Lip. Pick some of this stuff up.

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