Slithering Beast – new EP and free show

Slithering Beast - Delicious

Slithering Beast - Delicious

Slithering Beast has just released a new EP via their Bandcamp page. Entitled ‘Delicious’, I’m pretty sure it’s the first thing they’ve put out for a while (since 2008’s ‘Midnight Royalty’ I think). Anyway, they’ll be playing a free show at Ear X-Tacy here soon – as in THIS SATURDAY, March 5th. Come on down around 5:30 – the music will start at 6pm and ‘Delicious’ will be available in physical form as well. Give Nick a high-five while you’re down there.
If you aren’t into the Bandcamp thing, you can follow them on their site at

Here’s the bio/press release associated with the record:

Slithering Beast began in the summer of 2006 as a solo project for Louisville, Kentucky-based musician and songwriter Nick Dittmeier. Fatigued after fronting several punk bands, the project was an outlet to simplify things and explore the American roots music that birthed rock n roll.

The newest offering, an EP titled Delicious, seeks to break the mold of how Americana music is perceived. It incorporates elements of vintage soul and rhythm & blues, while holding onto their bread and butter of traditional country. Clocking in at just around fifteen minutes, the music gets right to the point with driving tempos and direct lyrics, hell-bent on leaving a lasting impression with the listener.

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