Via Animo – This Courage Is Bittersweet

Via Animo – This Courage Is Bittersweet

Via Animo has a new record out that I was supposed to post about like 3 weeks ago. Whoops. Entitled This Courage Is Bittersweet, the record was recorded at the House Of Wax and mixed by J Robbins at The Magpie Cage. The 4 song EP is out on Live Nasty Dynasty records, and available at shows. You can check them out on Facebook at The intro song from the EP – Rigor Mortis Romance – is available on Soundcloud, which also features additional guitar from Mike Stewart and vocals from Jake Snider. Check it out below.

Kyle Thompson describes the band and music as follows:

We used to be called Jackalope and had a demo we did with Trip, but this is our first official release under the name via animo. We play some sort of hybrid of 90s screamo and indie rock with the 80s hardcore vibe.

Via Animo - This Courage Is Bittersweet

  1. Rigor Mortis Romance
  2. O Happy Dagger!
  3. Latex
  4. Rosary

Noah Park has also put up a review of the record for those interested on his Pass The Stereo blog at