TRIM – Deerskull

TRIM – Deerskull

Here’s a real late update/post that should have gone up almost two months ago. Better late than never I guess!


In May of 1999, Doug Maxson’s old band Trim headed over to the Rocket House. Recording with Jon Cook, they managed to track 9 songs onto 1/2 8-track reel then do a “crappy raw mix to DAT”. Unfortunately, not too long afterwards the band lost interest and not much of anything happened to the recordings. Well, Doug couldn’t leave things alone and has wanted to do something with the records for years. Says Doug:

Because, I guess, I like having albatrosses around my neck. Trim was a trainwreck of a band, a crown of thorns I wore for 3 years. We played a couple brilliant shows, though mostly my live cassettes are labeled “Too Much Whiskey!” and “Too High To Fly!” The recording session was just as unpromising…we arrived at noon, got a bunch of beer, smoked a bunch of weed, but then technical difficulties shouldered in and we didn’t start playing until 9 in the evening. We finished up the vocal overdubs at 2 in the morning. Nevertheless, over the years, I remained convinced there was gold in them thar hills.

So finally after 12 years (exactly), Doug grabbed Brett Holsclaw and Trip Barriger to mix down the 9 songs at Treehouse Audio. He’s spent the last year putting together funding and layout, and put the songs out recently. You can pick it up at Hal Dolls shows and it is available via the Noise Pollution – $10 CD or for download.

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