Black God 7″ release & streaming

April 21st, 2011

Black God 7inch coverBlack God’s new 7″  is streaming now on their Bandcamp page, and will be available for purchase tomorrow at their release show. It’s at 7pm at the 714 Chestnut St. house with Admiral Ackbar and Shaved Women (St. Louis). The show is at 6pm and will cost you $5.

Black God on Bandcamp

Spiders 4 Eyes – Songs For Nobody

April 21st, 2011
Spiders 4 Eyes - Songs for Nobody

Spiders 4 Eyes - Songs for Nobody 7"

Local punk rockers Spiders 4 Eyes are a new band, but they aren’t starting off slow. Having played just a handful of show so far, they’re eager for more and have already put together a 7″ that is just as eager to be put on your turntable. They’ve also shot a short video for the song “Breaking The Clock” that is in editing right now and should be released soon. They’ll be playing here soon (4/30/11) with Lee Van Cleef  and Chime Hours at Cahoots. Here’s a quick band bio:

“Spiders 4 Eyes is a hardcore punk band formed in the basement of local b-movie director, John Walker. The main focus is around fast, catchy punk of the past. For beauty and ugliness to become one,and for the distortion to reach eleven! There have been comparrisons from the Dicks to Squirrel Bait. The first 7” came out sometime in February 2011, and the band is working on doing a few more records. With keyboards this time around. We hope to be playing quite a few shows around town, and hope to meet all of you! -First show was opening for Bush League @ the Keswick Democratic Club on 3.18.11

Band Members:

John Walker – bass/vocals
Thom-ass – drums
Neil Dyer – moog/sarcasm
Drew Blood – guitar”

Spiders4Eyes on Facebook
Spiders4Eyes on Myspace

Coliseum pics from Munich + news

March 28th, 2011

RTC from Munich just emailed me some fine photos of Coliseum from their recent show with Rise Against in Germany. Click through and check them out when you have a moment. It sounds like they weren’t a fan of seeing our boys in a huge venue like the Zenith, but at least they want them to come back.
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Royal Buttons Vend-A-Pin! Volume One

March 23rd, 2011

Royal Buttons will be launching Vend-A-Pin! Volume One – their first band/button series and album.

Get exclusive tracks from: Interstates, Shedding, Straight A’s, Chime Hours, Coliseum, Trophy Wives, The Mack, Rat Bastards, Jonathan Glen Wood, and Young Widows.

The buttons for the bands will be in the Vend-A-Pin! vending machines. Each button will have a code for a download of that track. If you collect all 10 you can redeem for a free copy of the comp.

Nowhere Fast News

March 20th, 2011

  Nowhere Fast has put their latest EP “The Highlands Sessions” up for a donation based download @

In other news: The band is heading out across the U.S. in June and August. They also have a new album coming out this year (No Release Date Yet) for free download as well. The songs will be a collection of what’s been on the shelf for a while. The record will be titled “Drown In Nostalgia” and is being mixed and mastered out in Tulsa with Stephen Egerton.

Currently the band is writing a new album and is also planning a 7 inch release later this year.