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Okay, I'll grant that Velocity is not supposed to be some beacon of journalistic integrity. They're not going to break any Watergate-level stories. Unlike LEO, which does actually attempt some serious journalism most of the time, Velocity is entirely fluff and lifestyle reporting.

Even so, there's a difference between good lifestyle reporting and woefully behind-the-curve, copycat, last-person-to-know reporting. Of course Velocity excels at the latter. Two examples from the latest issue:

A House Divided/Strife of the Party. In this story, Velocity reports that some friends and families are having strong disagreements about the Democratic nomination -- exactly the same story that ABC News and the Washington Post did back in early February ... two months ago.

Sound & Vision
. This is Velocity's weekly feature about the newest, latest, hippest things happening in the world. This week they informed the public about the latest fad on the Internet: Rickrolls. I'm not sure if you can even call this "news" since the whole thing started in mid-2007. Maybe next they will do a special feature on that obscure and unknown All Your Base meme, or the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song.

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